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Gated Spillway of GERDP Dam

Project Description

The control structure of GERDP Dam consists in six bays separated by five piers and contained by two lateral walls. In each bay it’s located a radial gate 14,3 m wide and 15,8 m high. The piers and the lateral walls stand above a reinforced concrete block shaped as an ogee sill in the upper part. The main dimension of the structure are the following:
  • Total crest length 119,90 m
  • Total u/s to d/s length 65,0 m
  • Maximum height of piers 30,0 m

Relevant Data

Client : Studio Pietrangeli
Beneficiary : Salini Impregilo/EEP
Location : Nile River - Ethiopia
Year : 2016
Tasks : Global Stability analysis. Design of reinforcement. Calculation reports