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October 11 2016

Presentation of an article at Hydro 2016 - Montreux

Alessandro Masciotta has just finished to present his article "Optimization study of the staged construction of Gibe 3 dam" at Hydro 2016, Montreux, Switzerland.

September 26 2016

Site visit at Pneoil and Sismalab

Angelo Fiorani and Aldo Giammatteo visit Pneoil and Sismalab in Crispiano (TA), to control the production of Shock Transmitter Units (STU) designed for concrete Piers of Gibe III Dam

March 18 2016

Site visit at Giugliano Costruzioni Metalliche

Alessandro Masciotta, Angelo Fiorani, Aldo Giammatteo and Angela Leoni visit Giugliano Costruzioni Metalliche In Marcianise (CE), to control the production of steel beams for road and crane bridges of Gibe III Dam